Why You Must Be in Business and How You Can Be the Best in Business – Part 1

According to John Han cook – “The more people who own little business of their own, the safer our country will be, and the better off its cities and towns; for the people who have a stake in their country and their community are its best citizens.”

The unvarnished truth is you do not depend on your country to make you rich. If you want to be rich, you must be in business for yourself.

Being in business is not about luck; it is about applying good, proven principles to whatever you do – principles that have been around for many years. You must do the basics well! You must have a business, it is the most effective way if you do your homework and pick the right business.

A well-run business can generate unbelievable profits and will outperform any other means of gaining wealth.

You must be in business for yourself – you must have act of giving up substance/goods to another for valuable consideration which may be money, dealing in articles for sale or offering quality services on a regular basis and set of cognitive skills applied in the business sphere of activity.

Run a successful ownership of an entity that produces passive income – income that accrues to you when you put ideas, money and people to work without being directly involved.

Thus, even while you sleep, the money keeps flowing; and if you are not making money while you sleep, you may never become very rich. Passive income is the golden key that opens the door to wealth and financial stability. Profits from businesses owned by you, but not run by you produces passive income for you which pave the way to a future of wealth and success.

Build a solid foundation for a business in order to build a great investment for your future. Buy your own business and own your business. You do not get rich working for someone else. Limit your income potential no more! Your business is a vehicle you use to make money; be able to walk away from your business and let it still earn for you.

If you study the most successful people and companies, they have simply done this better than anyone else and made very large amount of money in the process. You can be a success! You can create your success as a great business entrepreneur. You can actually set up your own business, and take the first step towards breaking the yoke of eternal financial struggle that is the result of working for somebody else, all your life.When you set up a business run by yourself, you have only become self-employed. You do not truly own a business yet. You only become a true investor and business owner when you do not have to be part of the business you set up, for it to survive.

Owning a profitable business or businesses not run by you is a source of real wealth. Since you do not run the business yourself, you are free to engage in other productive ventures, and can afford to spend quality time with family and friends. Even when you go away for months or years, your business does not suffer; rather it grows stronger under a competent management team. When you set up a business that is successfully managed by others, you have effectively combined the people at work and the money at work methods of wealth creation. That is a sure route to great fortunes.