Top 7 Tips to Starting Your Business Using Virtual Business Strategies

Most entrepreneurs wanting to start a business make the mistake of using their savings, maxing out their credit cards or borrowing from family, friends or banks to get started. The reason they fall into this trap is because mistakenly they believe this is the only way they can become business owners.

It is important to understand that starting a business in this new Information Age and Knowledge Era, does not require the large funding previously needed in the old, traditional Industrial Age business model. This means the entrepreneur has the ability to start a profitable and reputable business with little to no money out of pocket.

If you are currently planning to start a business, consider the following 7 tips to start a virtual business instead of an offline one. Even if you already started a brick-and-mortar business, you can still apply these tips to your back-office operations:

  1. Use cloud technology for all your back-office systems. In other words, use all internet applications rather than technology hosted in your PC
  2. Set up your entire communication channels using cloud technology
  3. Set up your entire accounting department using cloud technology
  4. Set up your entire customer support using cloud technology
  5. Set up your entire human resources using cloud technology
  6. Set up your entire marketing department using cloud technology
  7. Set up your entire sales department using cloud technology

Don’t delay starting your business because of lack of funds. Hundreds, if not thousands of highly successful virtual businesses get started everyday. In the next 5 to 10 years, all if not most businesses will be run this way. By the simple act of implementing new business model strategies from the start, you have puts yourself miles ahead of the competition.

In cases where the business owner fails to adapt to this new information age business model, the speed to business failure greatly accelerates. If you talked in today’s terms, it would be like using telex machines and telegraphs to conduct day-to-day operations.

A virtual business allows a company to be geographically dispersed. It allows it to meet and support its customers wherever they are located. Employees can work from anywhere, at any time, at any pace; all accessible, networked and coordinated via internet applications.

You can see an example of a real sustainable, successful virtual business (100% virtual and paperless) at

As you can see, with a virtual business, all you need is a computer and internet access to get you going. Anyone can start a virtual business in minutes. You don’t need major start up capital. You don’t need investors. You don’t need to risk months or years trying to break even. You don’t even have to gamble your savings. You can implement sophisticated systems. You can hire the most qualified personnel from anywhere in the world. Most importantly, a virtual business allows you the free time to have a personal life too!

The Benefits You Can Get From Business Credit Card

Why do business owners get business credit cards? Business credit cards have different advantages and each business owner may have his/her own primary reason for obtaining this card. In this article, we will be discussing about the reasons why this cards are continuously gaining popularity. If you are a business owner, getting to know these reasons may help you consider owning one as well.

Managing Finances Made Easy

One of the basic reasons why this cards are in demand is that it helps business managers separate their personal finances from their business finances. Why is this crucial? Perhaps if you’ve just started with your business, you may feel that it’s okay to use your personal credit card for you business expenses. But as your business begins to grow and your expenses get bigger, you’ll see what a big difference it makes not to mix these two finances together. With a this card, separating your business expenses becomes automatic and keeping track of your account is made easier.

The convenience of managing accounts is also an advantage for card owners. The quarterly and yearly account summaries can be used as a reference to your accounting and bookkeeping tasks. More importantly, a business owner have the option to access his card account online at any time so it wouldn’t interfere with your busy schedule.

Keeping the cash flow steady is another factor why business owner prefer to use business credit cards. Every business needs to keep an available funding at all times and having this card makes this possible. By using your card for unexpected expenses, the budget plan is kept intact and uninterrupted.

Business Credit Cards and Rewards

Enjoying the rewards that small business credit cards offer is another major reason why business owners prefer to use them over a personal credit card. Just like with regular cards, the reward programs also vary. A card with a Frequent Flyer Miles Rewards is indispensable for business owners who make business trips often. By availing free travel tickets from their card use, a business can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in their travel expenses.

On the other hand, this card with a cash back program is great for businesses that spend a lot for their stocks and supplies. It can offer 1% to as much as 5% cash back for every dollar they spend on the card. Obviously, if you add up all your savings together, it will make a significant difference in your business budget.

Finally, small business credit cards are great tools for establishing business credit. As soon as you’re approved for a card, you automatically begin building your credit history for your business. As long as you keep up with your credit card payments promptly and regularly, you’re on your way to building an excellent corporate credit history that will prepare your business for the future.

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